Spray on Polyurea Roofing System

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Spray on Roofing
Spray on Roofing
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Repair – Renovate – Waterproof – Leak Repair

Spray-on roofingThe Spray on Direct Cure Polyurea Coating system is an approved, fully adhered, monolithic, watertight polyurethane coating. The coating can be applied as part of a new build, in retrofit or part of a maintenance application. It can be used for waterproofing all types of roofs, including felt, concrete, bitumen, asbestos type sheeting, tiles, plywood and metal decking.

The fast cure Polyurea-based system uses a unique aluminium flake based coating which is silver in appearance. It has excellent reflective properties and elongation and good UV colour retention. Max 5 provides a seamless, maintenance free, fast drying (10 seconds) coating that will seal and protect all exterior roof areas. It gives a totally weather resistant surface that will withstand extreme temperatures. The service temperature is -50°c to 120°c.

Spray-on roofing

Fire Rated: In addition the Polyurea roofing system can be built with a fire rated insulation layer and a Class 1 coating thus providing an approved Class 1 fire proof roof.

The speed of application available with the Polyurea roofing system ensures that your roof is coated and back in service far quicker and with less disruption than conventional roof applications. ThePolyurea roofing system has a 15 year warranty. The coating is applied by our trained and approved roofing contractors. Some recent projects where the system has been used using Ultimate Linings materials.

Spray on Polyurea Coatings can also be used to repair / renovate existing roof surfaces

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Spray on Polyurea Roofing System